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CIMC 2 Axles 40ft Flatbed Semi Trailer

CIMC, 40ft flatbed trailer , cimc flatbed trailer, 40ft flatbed semi trailer
Product Name : CIMC 2 Axles 40ft Flatbed Semi Trailer
Brand : CIMC
Condition : new
Loading Capacity : 40 tons
Dimension : 12,500*2,480*1,560mm
Price : negotiable

CIMC 2 Axles 40ft Flatbed Semi Trailer 

CIMC 40ft flatbed semi trailer is designed to carry 1*20ft, 2*20ft, 1*40ft container or bulk cargo,etc. Its related loading capacity is 40 tons.  As an official CIMC semi trailer factory, we can supply you the customized design solution of flatbed semi trailer like the stake hole , extra fuel tanker and water tanker , tire automatic charging system .etc. 

flatbed  semi trailer

flatbed semi trailer ( the front board is equal to a safe barrier between the trailer tractor truck cabin and the heavy duty goods)


1. The process of frame: the girder of the flatbed trailer frame is welded by the automatic submerged arc welding and CO2 arc welding is used on the whole trailer, so the welding seal is solid.

2.Axle: 2*13 tons fuwa brand

3. Tire: 12R22.5 tires with rim, 8 sets

4. Landing gear: JOST E100 or Holland brand

5. Kingpin: JOST 2" or 3.5" bolted type

6. Braking system: wabco emergency relay valve, double-structure brake chambers, 2*46L air reservoir.

7.Electrical system: 24-v, LED lights, water-proof wire harness

8.After the rust cleaning and sand blasting, two layers of primers should be painted and then two layers of final coating 

should be done.

flatbed trailer

2 axles flatbed semi trailer 

According to the quantity, we can supply a low-cost transport solution for you. 

cimc flatbed semi trailer3 trailers per stack 

flatbed trailerbolted rear part and fit into container

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