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The Installation of Refrigerated Truck Van


The Installation of Refrigerated Truck Van

The installation of the refrigerator units on the refrigerated trucks could be divided into five steps:

(1)condenser installment    (2)evaporator installment           (3) wire harness

(4) tubes connection           (5) Compressor installment        (6) injection of the refrigerant       (7) Trial run

(1) Attention should be paid on the Condenser Installment:

The most commonly used refrigeration units are the ones fitted on the front of the refrigerated van, it is also called the front mounted refrigeration units. When installing the refrigeration units, attentions should be paid to the distance between the cabin top and the van roof. Make sure that the cabin could be upturn when the refrigerated units are fixed. The front mounted refrigerated units are warmly welcomed because that, the condenser could maintain good performance when even the refrigerated truck is driving on the bad road conditions.

(2) Attention should be paid on the Evaporator Installment:

punch the hole----install the screws---fix the nut---daub the water-proof dealant to avoid the leakage of gas and water.

(3) Attention should be paid on the installation of the Compressor:

The engine should be protected when install the compressor. The compressor bracket should be installed, as you know, the compressor will shake when the truck is driving. The compressor must be fixed stably and the screw must be tightened.