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 China Development Bank and CIMC Signed a Development Finance Cooperation Agreement


 China Development Bank and CIMC Signed a Development Finance Cooperation Agreement

   At the afternoon of March 16 , the National Development Bank and the Group's development finance cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held at CIMC CIMC R & D Center. State Development Bank Jiang Chaoliang, the State Development Bank of China Shenzhen Branch Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Governor Wu star, often defend the country, CIMC president Boliang, Zhao Qingsheng, vice president, deputy party secretary of the Group in Asia, the Group's financial management Jianlong general manager of the Department and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Under the agreement, China Development Bank pledged to cooperate in the collection amount equivalent to 6.5 billion yuan, while China Development Bank will be set according to business development, gradually expand cooperation credit, financing needs to meet all of the set, in order to support the expansion of the domestic collection outside the market, into the marine engineering equipment manufacturing, longterm development strategy to achieve the company objectives, specific content of cooperation include: support working capital requirements, to support the expansion of the overseas market, supports industry consolidation and support to carry out financing and leasing business, to carry out corporate finance business, achieve financing diversification. 

China Development Bank and CIMC cooperation began in 2006, in recent years, expanding the scope and scale of bilateral cooperation, as CIMC provides a number of long-term and cost-favorable funds to consolidate CIMC market position in the global industry. He has made important contributions.

China Development Bank was established in 1994, it is a large state-controlled financial institutions, has long been committed to the advantage of their own long-term credit in the field of integrated financing and financial innovation service credit, bond financing and investment as a means to support relationships industries and areas of the national economy and infrastructure, basic industries, pillar industries and high-tech industry and other government priorities, and promote investment and financing system construction and related financial market development, promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development.